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Connor Jenkins

Based in Stuart, Florida, USA - ...will travel

I'm a husband. A son. A traveler, adrenaline seeker, and creative. 

I haven't lived too long, but in the years that I've been alive, it is my understanding that there's no better feeling than laughing with and loving on others. My wife inspired my love for travel, and now I'd choose being under the water or on top of the mountain before "netflix and chill", every time. 


My creativity for making yacht content started many years ago. Making my first 'yacht film' at the age of 13, for my dad who just so happens to be a yacht broker. I guess you can say I was born into the career. After many years passing with various different jobs, nothing felt exactly right. Then, after marrying a photographer (check out her work here) and God directing our paths, we had an awesome opportunity to start Opal Moon Media in 2018, taking on photo and video full time. We couldn't feel more blessed for this opportunity to be able to use our talents, get outside, explore the waters, and work with such adventurous clients. 

It is my goal to bring the creative visions that are within me to every shoot, as well as every minute my hands are at work during post-production. It is not my goal to produce work that has been seen before. I have no passion for "basic" content - I have passion for "perfect" content, knowing that looks different with each client. I'm my own worst critic, I always strive to be better, and I can never stop creating, never stop living to the fullest, and never be complacent. 


Contact me - 772.214.8481

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